May 212009

We’re in the countdown to this year’s trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. The plan is

Sunday/Monday – drive Caledonia, Michigan to Newark, Delaware (690 miles/1,110 km) to visit with Mary Lee and Minor, and Anne and Steve

Wednesday – drive Newark, Delaware to Bar Harbor, Maine (625 miles/1,006 km) to stay with Steve and Jane at Aysgarth Station and spend more great time on Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

Things to do:

  • Knox Road Grill – Yum!!!!!!
  • Find path of Green Mountain Cog Railway to the top of Cadillac Mountain. We found part of it last year – for the most part all that remains are the iron spikes driven in to the rock which held this whole thing to the side of the mountain.
  • Help wherever possible with Spring 2009 B&B Tour and Dinner
  • Other unspecified fun things and dining
  • probably/hopefully watch some Red Wings Hockey as they play for the Stanley Cup yet again.

Tuesday – Bar Harbor, Maine to Mount Washington, New Hampshire (254 miles/410 km) to ride the Cog Railway to the top of Mount Washington on Wednesday

Wednesday/Thursday – Mount Washington to around Toledo, Ohio (790 miles 1,271 km) so Lisa can try to find something at a local library about one/some of her elusive ancestor(s).

Thursday – back home (180 miles/290 km)

Total Trip – 2,540 miles/4,090 km).

Lots of things to do before then – mow lawn, get vege garden organised a bit, hope it rains while we’re gone, hope it doesn’t rain too much while we’re gone, sort out the vast array of electronics that need to go – GPS, MacBook, digital cameras, iPod to listen to in the car, cell phone and the array of cables/chargers needed for them all, get car organised ready for 3,000 mile trip, EZ Pass for all the toll roads we’ll travel – last year it was $55 worth on the various turnpikes and throughways!!!!!!

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