May 252009

We left home yesterday (Sunday) not long after 1pm, heading east through Ohio and Pennsylvania, stopping for the night at New Stanton, PA about 450 miles from home. (For Don – the first run of fuel to Cleveland was 27.3 mpg, 2nd run to New Stanton came in at 29.9 mpg). Saw several large “herds” of motorcycles on the highways heading west – presumably returning from “Roaring Thunder” in Washington DC. In the car park at the motel in New Stanton I spoke with 1 motorcyclist who was one of 2 from a small town somewhere in northern Indiana who had taken their buddy, a Vietnam Veteran, to Washington DC for this year’s event.

Today, Monday we left New Stanton and arrived in Newark, Delaware to the home of Mary Lee and Minor – friends from about 14 years on AOL together as Macintosh users in the Members Helping Members (MHM) area – about 2pm.

Spent the afternoon chatting and catching up on news, then Roger and Mary Lee made dinner – baked chicken, baked potatoes, roasted veges (zucchini, yellow squash, onion and red pepper) and salad with Cranberry Tiptops – one of Mary Lee’s specialties.

Delicious as always....

Delicious as always....

The candle centerpiece was a recent gift from Mary Lee’s son David and his wife Pam. Tomorrow we get to spend here, and in the afternoon Anne and Steve are coming up from Baltimore for a mini Porch Party.

Wednesday we head up I-95 to Bar Harbor.

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    Roger, hi! I’ve just been catching up on your “ramblings” and didn’t realize I’d missed your photo of the visit with Mary Lee and Minor. (Okay, where are Anne and Steve?!! ;D)

    I know you and Lisa had a wonderful time, as we always have when we’ve gotten to catch up and eat something amazing that Mary Lee cooked…

    Ahhh… and dinner on the porch by candlelight. 🙂

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