So it seems I’m behind on things – I have several posts running around inside my head, but committing them to electrons seems to be more difficult, although 2 posts managed to escape my cerebrum this afternoon…

I hope over the next week or so to post more pictures and commentary from our trip to Bar Harbor and Mount Washington, and I’ve got the pictures from Thursday’s arthroscopic surgery on my knee scanned, but that’s as far as that got…

And I have plenty of back posts to attempt to make on genealogy and travel matters and yard and garden…

Having published 2 posts today I have to say I’m even more in awe of those who publish mulitple posts every day than I was before!!!!!


So what does one do when faced with long journeys in a car?

For the last several long road trips away the silence has been filled by playing PodCasts from my iPod through the car stereo using an adapter that feeds the output from the iPod into the AUX button on the car stereo. (A GM9-AUX is what is needed for GM Cars from 1995-2003 like our 2002 Camaro. MUCH better than the iTrip I’d used previously to broadcast an FM signal to the car radio). Continue reading »


What a surprise a week ago to find a couple of comments on my very new blog waiting my moderation that weren’t spam, but were instead telling me I’d been nominated for a “Puckerbrush Blog Award for Excellence”. Thanks very much to Delia Furrer for this unexpected recognition – now I have to try and live up to this 🙂

Puckerbrush Award

The Puckerbrush Award

Continue reading »

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