Jun 142009

So what does one do when faced with long journeys in a car?

For the last several long road trips away the silence has been filled by playing PodCasts from my iPod through the car stereo using an adapter that feeds the output from the iPod into the AUX button on the car stereo. (A GM9-AUX is what is needed for GM Cars from 1995-2003 like our 2002 Camaro. MUCH better than the iTrip I’d used previously to broadcast an FM signal to the car radio).

I installed this in June 2007 before I set out to drive alone in the car from Caledonia, Michigan, USA to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (and back again) – 1,550 miles each way. This worked splendidly and allowed me to make a major dent in the backlog of “The Genealogy Guys” podcasts I had accumulated – I listened to 52 episodes over the 6 days of driving, and got caught up from the start of the PodCast to January 2007 – but still ended up behind.

On return I wrote to George and Drew and claimed the title of “Genealogy Guys PodCast Endurance Champion“, for which they bestowed on me the title “Marathon Man”, for the 52 episodes listened to during that 3,100 miles of driving.

In May of 2008 Lisa and I took a trip from Caledonia, Michigan, USA to Newark, Delaware, USA to Bar Harbor, Maine, USA to Caledonia, Michigan, USA – a “mere” 2,500 miles, and again it was Genealogy Guys PodCasts all the way – another 42 episodes caught up on.

During the rest of 2008 I managed to actually get caught right up to date by August – by listening while mowing the lawn on my “wee tractor”. But when lawn-mowing stopped so did most PodCast listening, and episodes started to accumulate again starting in early November 2008.

In May of 2009 we set out on a repeat of the May 2008 trip – Caledonia – Newark – Bar Harbor – Mount Washington, New Hampshire – Caledonia. Armed with only 18 episodes of The Genealogy Guys PodCast left to get completely caught up I also added some others from my “accumulation” on my Mac Pro – a bunch of episodes of This American Life from Chicago Public Radio, and about 30 episodes of “Car Talk” with those two nuts Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers.

So it was George and Drew – The Genealogy Guys again from Caledonia – Newark – somewhere in New England – Connecticut I think when their most recent episode finished playing.

From Connecticut to Bar Harbor to Mount Washington to Bowling Green, Ohio (for genealogy research for Lisa) to Caledonia it was 24 episodes of Car Talk – Tom and Ray Magliozzi – AKA “Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers”, with their zany humour, insults, car fixes, car non-fixes, The Puzzler (of which we were able to solve quite a few and simply didn’t understand others) and their various callers with their problems – mechanical, social, ethical and marital.

What do you listen to in your car when on long road trips?

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    […] 3 long trips have seen me listen to 52 episodes, 42 episodes and most recently 18 episodes. See Travelling Companions for some notes on these […]

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