Feb 262010

Today’s Lansing State Journal has an article on the possible future of the Library of Michigan. So things still aren’t looking good and it seems that all of least year’s efforts – Hands Around the Library and MLA Rally at the Library not to mention all the letters, lobbying by individuals that went on have ended up with about a zero net effect on all of this – yes Governor Granholm did acknowledge the “pressure” when she amended her Executive Order, but what’s being talked about now seems to be worse than was imagined last Summer.

So given the grimness and probable inevitability of all of this, at least I’m somewhat cheered by this part of that article:

Robertson said the library still has yet to identify an agency or university willing to take on its federal depository and genealogy collections. Under one scenario, she said, the genealogical holdings could stay in the library if an interested group agreed to lease space there and staff the area.

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Feb 242010

12 February 2010 was the West Michigan Swim League “A” Meet for 11 and over, held at Byron Center High School on the Friday evening. Kyle was in a relay and 2 individual races. He came second in both his races, beating his personal best both times.

The YouTube videos are below.

Kyle 50 Yards Butterfly. Kyle in Lane 5 (4th from the bottom) finishes a close second in a personal best time of 29.04 seconds

Kyle 100 Yards Freestyle. Kyle in Lane 5 gets a slow start, but fights hard to catch up and finishes second, taking nearly 5 seconds off his time, AND the first time under 1 minute for this event. Pay Up Dad!!!!!

And here’s half of the cheering gallery – my arm wasn’t long enough to hold the camera far enough away to include me, and Bev and George who were seated to my right.

Lisa, Kurt and Ann

Part of Kyle's Fan Club - Lisa, Kurt and Ann

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Feb 112010

I decided recently to upgrade the storage in my Mac Pro. Currently it had 3 hard drives in it

  • 320 GB – the one that came with the computer. This is little changed from when I got the computer as I immediately added a 500 GB and 750 GB to the machine as soon as I got it
  • 750 GB – this is my startup volume, and has all the applications and documents on it. 90 GB free. It contained 1,803,033 files using 608.5 GB (653,331,116,032 Bytes).
  • 1000 GB – this is my Time Machine volume, and has Time Machine backups going back 16 months to October 2008. 135 GB free. It contained 16,765,985 files using 787.6 GB (845,667,311,616 Bytes).

So for the upgrade – the plan was to add a 2 TB drive into the last empty drive bay in the Mac Pro to become the Time Machine volume, then clone the 750 GB drive to the 1000 GB drive, then use the 750 GB drive as a network backup volume perhaps.

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