Dec 232010

Sorry this is late this year – apathy seems to have won out over enthusiasm, but here we are…

In early April we had quite a hailstorm that dropped the biggest hailstones we’d ever seen – ” – nearly ¾” (2cm) across!!!! (although they were more M&M shaped than marble shaped). They sure made a noise hitting the house roof and bouncing on the front porch. Some are saved in a bag in the freezer. Luckily no real damage was done.

The Green Caterpillar/Worm

The Green Caterpillar/Worm

We had the usual run of “babies” around the place again this spring and summer, including the Wrens who built a nest and raised some young after feeding them on a whole lot of bright green worms. Apart from the usual range of birds nesting, there were a number of Monarch butterflies hatched, young deer, fish in the pond, quite a few frogs and toads in and around the fish ponds too.

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