Jan 302012

Just in time for RootsTech 2012 and the imminent release of TNG Version 9 I’ve (finally I hope) completed an update to LisaAndRoger.com that includes a new theme – Suffusion – and the incorporation of TNG into the WordPress theme using the tng.php plugin for WordPress.

So the kind of dated http://roger.lisaandroger.com/ will be going away – replaced with what can now be seen on the Page http://LisaAndRoger.com/genealogy/

Another Page http://lisaandroger.com/genea-ramblings/ will be about genealogy blogging, and includes in the left sidebar a “feed” from the TNG database showing some statistics and other features.

So enjoy the new look 🙂

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    Great site Roger.
    Will you share what you have done to remove page title in the TNG wrapper.

    I see you have got your title from TNG and not WordPress.



      There is some discussion on the TNG Forum about this – I edited a Suffusion file to detect whether the page was the page specified in the TNG-WordPress settings and if it was, to not insert the Suffusion generated Title. This lets the TNG inserted title show up – both titles were on the page, but the Suffusion one came first so that’s the one that was used. Now the TNG title is the only one, so it’s used.


    Lookin’ good.–GJ


    Roger, Can you please specify if the TNG and WP integration includes the integration of the user login and rights. Thank you, Jay


      Jay it does allow for it, although currently I’m experiencing some bizarre glitch when I have it implemented that won’t let me see the TNG content until I’ve first logged in to the TNG Admin area. If I try to view any TNG page first I get “TNG is not communicating with your database”. But if I go to the TNG Admin inside WordPress Admin, I can then get the TNG content to load.

      But I don’t have it implemented on my site as neither TNG nor WordPress have users apart from myself.


      Integrated log ins seems to be now working – I worked away at this last night with Darrin and he found the problem that was causing the glitch I described above. So when I’m logged in to WordPress as Administrator I also have Admin rights in TNG. And a new user set up in WordPress to have Subscriber rights has some rights in TNG. I don’t have registered users on either WordPress or TNG so aren’t intricately familiar with how the various rights levels in WordPress map over to rights in TNG.

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