Pictures Of Bailey's Baptism Party

May 30 1999, the Barbeque and party to celebrate Bailey's Baptism.

389 x 480
Mother and Daughter under the watchful gaze of Lara.
Hang on while I just take one more photo.

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Mum's busy eating while I try to look pretty for the photo.
Jacob, with Mum trying to lean into the way in the background.

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640 x 480
Jacob, Mum and Bailey - where's Dad??
OK Now Dad was persuaded to join the Family Shot.

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640 x 480
Jacob having fun blowing bubbles.
Jacob still having Fun blowing bubbles.

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Mummy trying to hide behind her #1 son - guess what?? It didn't work!!
Mummy shooting Jacob with Bubbles.

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640 x 480
Is he enjoying it or annoyed by it?

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Aunty Lisa and the Lady of the Moment.
Aunty Lisa and Uncle Roger with the Lady of the Moment.

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There's no milk to be had there - here Mummy your daughter wants you.

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