Pictures Of Kyle's 2nd Birthday Party 16 May 1999

The pictures on this page were taken by Roger and Lisa on 16 May 1999, on the occasion of Kyle's 2nd Birthday Party. The camera is an Epson PhotoPC 700.

355 x 480
Another "Amazing Cake" from Connie.
Kyle contemplating Pooh.

400 x 480

640 x 478
Ready for the Big Blow.
Ready to Eat.

530 x 480

285 x 480
Uncle Roger and Aunty Lisa come through again with more garden tools.
So let's go gardening.

255 x 480

331 x 480
Can someone get this ribbon off my Weed Eater??
WOW!!!!!! That is a big box!!!

448 x 480

1050 x 874
This is pretty cool already wtihout the seat, steering wheel and bucket on it.
How many people are allowed to drive their tractor inside?

481 x 480

640 x 452
The Footpath is an easier place to pedal and ride this thing.

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