Zoe's First Home Page

5 Days Old


Me and my Big Brother.

3 Months Old

Zoe on her Birth Day

Uncle Roger made this page for me because I'm a bit young yet. My big brother Kyle has his page here Kyle's First Web Page which you can check out after you've looked at my page. [The chocolate wrapped in this wrapper was YUMMY!!]


Congratulations Kurt and Ann!!!!!!!


Me and Dad

Here I am with my Dad Kurt.

Me and Mum

Here I am with my Mum Ann. She makes a big fuss of me, and that's nice :-))

Me and Aunt Lisa

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Roger came to visit today when I was 5 days old, but since Uncle Roger took all the photos he isn't in one with me :-((

Kyle had fun playing outside today with Roger and Dad, and here are a few photos from that....

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Roger and Lisa's Home Page