Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Turner, William  2 July 1859Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I12810
2 Turner, Mary  30 August 1857Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I12715
3 Porteous, Thomas  1 May 1846Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15289
4 Porteous, Adam  25 November 1843Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15287
5 Porteous, William  19 December 1841Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15282
6 Porteous, Alexander King  29 January 1840Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15286
7 King, Mary  before 18 April 1803Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15281
8 Allan, Richard  before 28 July 1776Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I9927
9 Allan, Patrick or Peter  before 28 January 1776Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I7450
10 Fairbairn, David  before 1 October 1769Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I7462
11 Johnston, Isobell  before 8 May 1743Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8224
12 Johnstone or Johnston, Isabel or Isabella  before 21 February 1742Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I7474
13 Craick, James  before 30 June 1734Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8428
14 Skirvin, Margaret  before 29 September 1717Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8410
15 Cow, Katharine  before 26 August 1708Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8435
16 Cow, Mary  before 20 May 1708Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8436
17 Cow, Isabel  before 28 April 1706Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8426
18 Allan, Robert  before 28 April 1695Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8387
19 Crighton, Marion  before 23 April 1686Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8446
20 Fairbairne, Jonet  before 15 August 1685Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8176
21 Fairbairne, Mister  before 1681Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8175
22 Fairbairne, William  before 20 April 1680Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8174
23 Cow, Margaret  before 17 September 1672Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8303
24 Fairbairn, George  before 28 April 1663Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8166
25 Gowans, James  before 30 November 1645Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8475
26 Ker or Keir, Janet  before August 1645Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8173
27 Lourie, Hellen  before 27 February 1645Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8180
28 Craig, Elspeth  before 4 November 1641Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8199
29 Gowans, Katren  before 3 May 1640Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8485
30 Craig, George  before 11 November 1639Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8198
31 Craig, William  before 30 July 1638Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8191
32 Symson, Jon.  before 23 May 1637Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8308
33 Lourie, Christian  before 20 December 1636Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8179
34 Symson, Christian  before 1 December 1635Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8307
35 Symsone, Isobell  before 23 March 1634Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8263
36 Lourie, Agnes  before 25 June 1633Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8172
37 Symson, Jonet  before 18 December 1631Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8305
38 Hog, William  before 19 October 1630Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8213
39 Symson, John  before 27 May 1627Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8284


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Porteous, Thomas  24 May 1846Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15289
2 Porteous, Adam  24 December 1843Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15287
3 Porteous, William  30 December 1841Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15282
4 Porteous, Alexander King  24 February 1840Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15286
5 King, Mary  18 April 1803Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I15281


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Porteous, Isabella  19 March 1904Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I12805


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Fender, Mary  27 March 1791Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I10340
2 Allan, Richard  28 July 1776Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I9927
3 Allan, Patrick or Peter  28 January 1776Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I7450
4 Fairbairn, David  1 October 1769Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I7462
5 Johnston, Isobell  8 May 1743Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8224
6 Johnstone or Johnston, Isabel or Isabella  21 February 1742Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I7474
7 Craick, James  30 June 1734Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8428
8 Skirvin, Margaret  29 September 1717Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8410
9 Cow, Katharine  26 August 1708Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8435
10 Cow, Mary  20 May 1708Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8436
11 Cow, Isabel  28 April 1706Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8426
12 Allan, Robert  28 April 1695Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8387
13 Crighton, Marion  23 April 1686Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8446
14 Fairbairne, Jonet  15 August 1685Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8176
15 Fairbairne, Mister  1681Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8175
16 Fairbairne, William  20 April 1680Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8174
17 Cow, Margaret  17 September 1672Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8303
18 Fairbairn, George  28 April 1663Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8166
19 Gowans, James  30 November 1645Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8475
20 Ker or Keir, Janet  August 1645Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8173
21 Lourie, Hellen  27 February 1645Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8180
22 Craig, Elspeth  4 November 1641Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8199
23 Gowans, Katren  3 May 1640Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8485
24 Craig, George  11 November 1639Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8198
25 Craig, William  30 July 1638Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8191
26 Symson, Jon.  23 May 1637Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8308
27 Lourie, Christian  20 December 1636Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8179
28 Symson, Christian  1 December 1635Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8307
29 Symsone, Isobell  23 March 1634Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8263
30 Lourie, Agnes  25 June 1633Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8172
31 Symson, Jonet  18 December 1631Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8305
32 Hog, William  19 October 1630Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8213
33 Symson, John  27 May 1627Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland I8284


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Fairbairne / Ker or Keir  10 June 1679Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland F2332
2 Craig / Hewit  15 October 1631Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland F2339

Alternate Wedding

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family/Spouse    Alternate Wedding    Family ID 
1 Turner / Porteous  2 June 1855Innerwick, Haddingtonshire, Scotland F5216

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