The Visit to Disneyland
3 January 2000


On 3 January Lisa and Roger met up with Ruth and Sammie at their Hotel directly over the road from Disneyland, and headed off for a day "doing Disneyland".


Beautiful weather, lots of things to do and see, rides to go on, and we ended the day quite exhausted, unless your name was Sammie.



Just inside the main entrance at Disneyland after a half hour wait in line while the gates opened and the backlog was dealt with.

The Marching Band is coming along Main Street.

Horse and Tram. It was early in the morning so we still had energy to walk.

The riverboat, with Sammie and Lisa posing in the foreground.

Sammie and Lisa up in the Tarzan Tree.

A view of Bob Sled Mountain, shaped like the Materhorn. Later in the day we took one of the two rides in "bobsleds" inside the mountain.

Ruth went off to pre-book our ride tickets for Space Mountain so that we wouldn't have to wait so long for the ride. I'd hate to be at Disneyland on a really busy day!!!!!!!!

Late afternoon with the sun going down, still shining on the Materhorn.

The Toon Glove shows how tall you need to be to bounce. Alas I don't remember what on.

The Jolly Trolley arrives at ToonTown.

The line of people waiting to get into Toon Town.

Lisa "driving" the Toon Car.

What's behind the Door? Judging by the look on Lisa's face it wasn't pleasant.

We found quite a few Disney characters on our wanderings - here is Sammie with Aladdin.

"The Beast" from Beauty and the Beast.

Belle - "Beauty" from Beauty and the Beast.

Sammie and Captain Hook.

Who lives behind these doors???

It was the White Rabbit's house, although I'm not sure how he gets in and out of those small doors above.

Can anyone spot Goofy?

The Mouse and Sammie.

Millie's Hat from the restaurant we ate at after "escaping" from Disneyland.

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