Pictures Of Porch Party 99

Pictures of Porch Party 99 taken by Roger (and Lisa) using their Epson PhotoPC 700 Digital Camera. You can click each of the pictures on this page to open a larger version of it.

640 x 480
Mary Lee, Ellie and Lisa checking out the Garden and the Weather on Friday.
Swinging Linda.

320 x 549

300 x 425
Swinging Hostess.
Anne, Steve and Lisa looking for Lightning Bugs.

640 x 480

264 x 500
Swinging Ellie.
Lisa and Mary Lee trying to polish off the Krispy Kremes before the Ghostly Trio arrived.

640 x 480

338 x 450
Lisa doing the "I can't walk afterwards" Lotus.
Minor practicing with the camera, ready for the real thing.

400 x 416

640 x 480
The Table of Fare - every thing was delicious.
Last minute additions being added.

640 x 480

500 x 339
Remember to take the photos of the Table of Fare BEFORE you eat.
Make sure the picture is OK before you eat.

640 x 452

292 x 450
Anne trying to look innocent about something - anything??
Roger in the Digesting Position.

320 x 427

480 x 479
Anne with her and Steve's Desert, but it's all on one plate!!!!
Steve had to get his own Desert, and then had Linda kneel down begging for some.

360 x 480

620 x 474
Those Three - Anne, Steve and Linda.
Those Three Again.

536 x 480

490 x 480
Ellie trying to hide.
The VERY gracious Host of the weekend.

640 x 480

370 x 480
Those two at it again!!!!! (Still))
We all know who's really in charge in the Seward Household.

640 x 437

640 x 437
Aren't I just so cute - no wonder I'm in charge around here!!
Waht can I say??

640 x 437

640 x 480
First Attempt at Group Photo.
Second Attempt.

640 x 480

640 x 420
Those Two yet again!!!!
Well at least no chins were showing here.

411 x 480

640 x 480
Trying to get ready to leave - absconding with the cheesecake.
Still trying to get packed, and they still had to get in the car and get the seatbelts on.

586 x 480

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