On our way to Bar Harbor, Maine, we stopped in Rochester, New York, to visit my cousin Martin Lineham and his family.

Rochester is about 9 hours drive – 560 miles (900 km)-  from Grand Rapids when travelling via Cleveland, so we left a bit after 0830 and got to Rochester about 1730 (5:30 PM). We had a very enjoyable evening with Martin, his wife Nancy and their daughter Grace, and Nancy’s Mum Mary. Roger grilled chicken, hot dogs and shrimps, then we looked over a bunch of family photos, showed Grace some of her genealogy, and eventually to bed. Monday morning more of the same, then down to check out Martin and Nancy’s offices, then the drive to Hartford, Connecticut this (Memorial Day Monday) afternoon – 336 miles (540 km).

Sunday Dinner Appetisers

Out in the Cooper-Lineham back yard for pre-dinner appetisers while Roger cooked dinner on the Grill. Mary Cooper, Lisa Christensen, Nancy Cooper, Grace Lineham, Martin Lineham, Roger Moffat

More pictures below…

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After our trip to The Henry Ford Museum (a separate post with photos of that is a day or 2 away yet), we stopped at Greenwood Cemetery in Fowlerville, Livingston County, Michigan on the way back to show Kyle and Zoe, and their second cousin Kathy where their great great grandmother Marie Christensen is buried. Marie was married to Octave Painchaud, and their 2 children were born as Harvey and William Painchaud. But after Marie divorced Octave on the grounds of “extreme cruelty”, and had married John Chancy Thomas, she had William and Harvey’s names changed to her maiden name Christensen. If not for this Kyle, Zoe and Kathy would have the last name Painchaud.

This first picture is of Lot 228 in Greenwood Cemetery where the only headstone is that of George E Thomas who was killed in action in World War II. But also buried here is Marie Christensen, and her 2nd husband John Chancy Thomas and Bobbie Macigewski (a grand-daughter of Marie ) who was born premature.

Headstone of George E Thomas

Kyle, Kathy and Zoe Christensen at headstone of their half great great uncle George E Thomas, who was killed in action in World War II. George's mother Marie Christensen is the great great grandmother of the 3 kids.

This second headstone is for Christian William Walter Christensen and his wife Florence Krumm. William is the kids’ great great uncle – brother of their great grandfather Harvey Christensen, and son of Marie Christensen mentioned above.

Headstone of William and Florence Christensen

Kyle, Kathy and Zoe Christensen at the headstone of their great great uncle William Christensen, and his wife Florence Krumm.

For lucky Kathy this was her second visit to this cemetery – Lisa and I took her there at Christmas time to try and find the grave of Marie Christensen – not so easy in the snow, and with the Military marker for George E Thomas either laying over or removed during the Winter.


Randy Seaver at GeneaMusings asks:

“What event or person inspired you to start your genealogy research?”

For me it was in early 1989, a few months after I’d bought my first Macintosh computer in November 1988. I attended a Moffat family Reunion in Balclutha, New Zealand arranged by an Uncle. One of my father’s cousins had prepared what I now know to be a Register Report that started at the first of our Moffats to immigrate to New Zealand – my great grandfather William Moffat (1829 – 1895)

Moffat Descendants Easter 1989

Moffat Descendants Easter 1989

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