Our first day on Mount Desert Island we decided we would take a hike up Giant Slide Trail to Sargent Mountain, then back to the car we had pre-positioned at the car park near Upper Hadlock Pond. There were lots of wildflowers and lots of rocks and lots of trees and some great scenery.


Lady Slipper Orchid - Frauenschuh - Sehr Schön

A photogallery of images from the day’s walk is below.

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After we left Rochester, New York, our next destination was Hartford, Connecticut, so that we could go to the Connecticut State Library and Archives to try and find some information on Otto Salewski, a brother of one of Lisa’s great grandmothers.

We arrived in Hartford on Memorial Day Monday evening, and pulled off the highway where Lisa had found there was a Super 8 motel for $50. As we were heading to that, a large sign for America’s Best Value Inn advertising $45 for a night caught her eye, so we went there. We didn’t have much to do in Hartford, so went out to eat dinner, then returned to the Inn to sleep, then Tuesday morning headed off to the Connecticut State Library and Archives. Continue reading »


So what does one do when faced with long journeys in a car?

For the last several long road trips away the silence has been filled by playing PodCasts from my iPod through the car stereo using an adapter that feeds the output from the iPod into the AUX button on the car stereo. (A GM9-AUX is what is needed for GM Cars from 1995-2003 like our 2002 Camaro. MUCH better than the iTrip I’d used previously to broadcast an FM signal to the car radio). Continue reading »


So we’re home after the trip out east to Newark, Delaware and Bar Harbor, Maine…

Travel Days were:

  • 24 May pm – Caledonia to New Stanton, Pennsylvania – abt 440 miles;
  • 25 May am – New Stanton, PA to Newark, Delaware – abt 245 miles;
  • 27 May all day – Newark, DE to Bar Harbor, Maine – abt 625 miles in 12 1/2 hours;
  • 2 June am –  Bar Harbor, ME  to the Mount Washington Cog Railway 255 miles in abt 5 1/2 hours, then to the summit of Mt Washington and back by Cog Railway;
  • 2 June pm Mt Washington Cog Railway to Latham, New York (very near to Albany, New York) 216 miles in about 5 1/2 hours – a very long day!!!!!!;
  • 3 June all day – Latham, NY to Bowling Green, Ohio – abt 620 miles in 10 1/2 hours;
  • 4 June pm – after 7 1/2 hours in the Jerome Library on genealogy research – abt 200 miles back to Caledonia in abt 3 /12 hours.

Total travelling about 2,650 miles.

We spent 26 May in Newark, and then 28 May to 1 May in Bar Harbor where we did some local travelling around to Deer Island, Schoodic Head, and Cadillac Mountain and Acadia National Park which added another 270 or so miles.

Total mileage run 2,916, which used 105 gallons of fuel, which ranged in price/gallon from $2.22 in New Jersey to $2.96 back home in Caledonia.

So the number Don is waiting for is 27.76 mpg. Best run was 445 miles from somewhere in New York state back to Caledonia – 30.1 mpg. Worst run was all the mileage run around Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park – 24.3 mpg.


Our first day in Bar Harbor started gray and drizzly – at least it wasn’t as rainy as when we’d arrived the night before. Late morning Don suggested we go explore Deer Island, which is west of Mount Desert Island where Bar Harbor is, but requires quite a long circuitous route to get to.

So Don and Mindy, Lisa and Roger set off in the red Camaro for the day’s trip.

Looking South - the Wider View

Looking South - the Wider View

The image above is a panorama looking south from mainland Maine (Maineland I guess??) towards Deer Island. Continue reading »


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So we’re half-way on the May trip to the East Coast – meaning we have arrived in Bar Harbor, Maine for a few days. Wednesday’s big effort was 12 hours 40 minutes driving from Newark, Delaware to Bar Harbor Maine – 625 miles, of which a bit more than half was in the rain.

Expect Delays...

Expect Delays...

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We left home yesterday (Sunday) not long after 1pm, heading east through Ohio and Pennsylvania, stopping for the night at New Stanton, PA about 450 miles from home. (For Don – the first run of fuel to Cleveland was 27.3 mpg, 2nd run to New Stanton came in at 29.9 mpg). Saw several large “herds” of motorcycles on the highways heading west – presumably returning from “Roaring Thunder” in Washington DC. In the car park at the motel in New Stanton I spoke with 1 motorcyclist who was one of 2 from a small town somewhere in northern Indiana who had taken their buddy, a Vietnam Veteran, to Washington DC for this year’s event.

Today, Monday we left New Stanton and arrived in Newark, Delaware to the home of Mary Lee and Minor – friends from about 14 years on AOL together as Macintosh users in the Members Helping Members (MHM) area – about 2pm.

Spent the afternoon chatting and catching up on news, then Roger and Mary Lee made dinner – baked chicken, baked potatoes, roasted veges (zucchini, yellow squash, onion and red pepper) and salad with Cranberry Tiptops – one of Mary Lee’s specialties.

Delicious as always....

Delicious as always....

The candle centerpiece was a recent gift from Mary Lee’s son David and his wife Pam. Tomorrow we get to spend here, and in the afternoon Anne and Steve are coming up from Baltimore for a mini Porch Party.

Wednesday we head up I-95 to Bar Harbor.


Yesterday Don and family stopped by to drop off a couple of items of luggage for us to take to Bar Harbor for them – I’d taken pity on the thought of 4 adults in a Camaro for 1200 miles, and so offered that we could take some of their luggage for them to make it slightly less crowded. Don wanted to check his tyre pressures too – trying for less rolling resistance to see if he could beat our overall mileage from last year- we’ll see. Last year over 2,530 miles we got 27.5 mpg, while Don was oh so close at 27.43 mpg.

Checking the tyre pressures

Checking the tyre pressures

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We’re in the countdown to this year’s trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. The plan is

Sunday/Monday – drive Caledonia, Michigan to Newark, Delaware (690 miles/1,110 km) to visit with Mary Lee and Minor, and Anne and Steve

Wednesday – drive Newark, Delaware to Bar Harbor, Maine (625 miles/1,006 km) to stay with Steve and Jane at Aysgarth Station and spend more great time on Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

Things to do:

  • Knox Road Grill – Yum!!!!!!
  • Find path of Green Mountain Cog Railway to the top of Cadillac Mountain. We found part of it last year – for the most part all that remains are the iron spikes driven in to the rock which held this whole thing to the side of the mountain.
  • Help wherever possible with Spring 2009 B&B Tour and Dinner
  • Other unspecified fun things and dining
  • probably/hopefully watch some Red Wings Hockey as they play for the Stanley Cup yet again.

Tuesday – Bar Harbor, Maine to Mount Washington, New Hampshire (254 miles/410 km) to ride the Cog Railway to the top of Mount Washington on Wednesday

Wednesday/Thursday – Mount Washington to around Toledo, Ohio (790 miles 1,271 km) so Lisa can try to find something at a local library about one/some of her elusive ancestor(s).

Thursday – back home (180 miles/290 km)

Total Trip – 2,540 miles/4,090 km).

Lots of things to do before then – mow lawn, get vege garden organised a bit, hope it rains while we’re gone, hope it doesn’t rain too much while we’re gone, sort out the vast array of electronics that need to go – GPS, MacBook, digital cameras, iPod to listen to in the car, cell phone and the array of cables/chargers needed for them all, get car organised ready for 3,000 mile trip, EZ Pass for all the toll roads we’ll travel – last year it was $55 worth on the various turnpikes and throughways!!!!!!

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