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My genealogy websites use TNG – The Next Generation – and over the years I have come up with a few additions and modifications to enhance my sites. Some of these are available here.

The TNG-WordPress plugin, developed initially by Mark Barnes and for the last several years maintained by Roger Moffat and Darrin Lythgoe can be found here at the WordPress plugins repository.

If you like any of the files available here and they have helped you enhance your TNG site, please feel free to make a small donation.

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This is a TNG Mod .cfg file that makes some changes to TNG v11.0 to show your identified Ancestors’ names bolded on their parents’ page so that you can follow down your line of ancestors by clicking on the bold links.

Version properly fixes the conflict with the Family Preview Mod.

Version corrects an issue that prevented installation if you also had the Family Preview Mod installed.

To create the necessary Branch, go to TNG Admin ——> Branches and “Add New” a branch using settings like this – you MUST use the Branch ID “Ancestors”.

Add New Branch

Click on “Save” to get to this screen.

Add Labels

Then click on “Add Labels” to get this dialogue box and click on “Add Labels”.

Add Labels

Once the Mod is installed you should now see the names of your ancestors in bold on pages where they are shown as children. Note the Tooltip pops up when hovering over the bold name to indicate “Ancestor”.



  105 Responses to “Bold Ancestor Child Links”

  1. Hi Søren

    Do you mean the index.php page, or the overall look of the site in general? If you want the main index.php page to be different, then you need to edit the file index.php that is in the TNG root folder.

    If you’re talking about the look of all the pages, then you can alter that – colours, text etc by editing the file mytngstyle.css that is in the css folder in the TNG root folder.


  2. Hi Roger,

    I’d like to accomplish a look similar to I’ve chosen the suffusion theme but things look nowhere similar, see

    As far as I understand your reply I’ll have to edit the png/index.php file. Is that correct?

    Best regards

  3. Yes – the file tng/index.php is what controls that page. So you can remove things from it – eg the list of menu items on the side, and replace it with other content. Most of what appears on my index.php page is controlled by various scripts that are available to download from my Downloads page – eg the lists of birthdays, anniversaries, etc etc

  4. Hi Roger,

    Thank you. I’ve found your scripts and they’re great. I have to ask – is there any chance you’d be willing to share your index.php file?

    Best regards

  5. Hi Roger,

    I’d like to suggest that you update the code of the wp plugins to support UTF-8, by adding utf8_encode() around variable like names etc, so instead of “$dbrowh[‘lastname’]” you’d write “utf8_encode($dbrowh[‘lastname’])”

    That way output like “Kirsten S�rensdatter” can be displayed like “Kirsten Sørensdatter” etc.

    Best regard

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