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Zoe's First Birthday Party
Pictures taken by Roger on 24 June 2001 during Zoe's First Birthday Party


Me and Dad
Playing on the stairs
My brother Kyle
The Cake
Ready.... Set.....
Sitting in my new chair
Kyle using my Chair
Someone gave me this huge Duck
It's bigger than I am
Oooops I'm about to
conk out
Grandma and Grandad
Dad helping me with my presents
Me and "Aunt" Lisa
getting that package
opened slowly
so that we can find it has
a cute dress in it
Don't I look nice!!
More clothes
Noise Makers are always
fun for the parents
Lisa is still helping
Now Kyle is "helping"
Where's Zoe?
Oh there she is
Just get this behaviour out of your system before you're too much older
Someone gave me a sucker
so I think I'll share it
with the neighbour boy.
Now me
Now You
Now Me
Lisa and Dingle Dog