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Alistair stopped by for a vist in March
Alistair (my brother) stopped by for a visit on his way from Melbourne Australia to Salt Lake City. We went to the Meijer Gardens and the John Ball Zoo.


Two brothers and a penguin
Butterfly feeding station at the Meijer Gardens
Butterfly Cam at the gardens
Some of the Orchids
More Orchids
A Blue Morpho with the wings "up"
Bright Orange Butterfly
What's for lunch
Where the butterflies are born
Closer view of the waiting Pupae
"The American Horse" is a large bronze sculpture
from Leonardo da Vinci's drawings
Alistair admiring the view
Not the rear view of the horse
Two Bros and the Horse
Penguins at the gardens
Close view of the penguins
Making out with a fish!!
Missed that one!!
A Praire Dog at the John Ball Zoo