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Meramec Caverns, Stanton, MO
These commercially run, sometimes quite tacky, caverns are nevertheless quite spectacular.
The whole facility, including ticket office is inside the caves.


Part of the entrance way into the cavern

This little nook is from a TV Show - someone "won" a honeymoon here.

The James Bros gang used one room in the cave as their hideout

It's amazing what some coloured lights will show

Close up view of part of the roof

a view beyond the hand rail.

More of the roof



A drip getting ready to drop

There are some spectacular formation in these caves

and better was to come later in the trip.

A reflection on the water

Part of a very very large Stalagmite

Same thing

More with the coloured lights

Their lighting

My flashgun

Part of the very large stalagmite


One of the tunnel walkways we took.

Some of the amazing ribbons that have grown over millions of years

More of the "fancy" light work.

And more.

In the room of the

freestanding "wine table". This shape left behind

as the waters receded oh so many years ago

Mor of the same.

Heading off back down to a lower part of the cave system

still heading down.

Some of the spectacular formations in

the theatre - seating for well over 100 people

to sit and watch the light show on

the Stage Curtain.

Supposedly 70,000,000 years old this is some 60 feet high

and looks different under different lighting


No Flash

With Flash

No Flash

With Flash

Just keep clicking

Now they're playing God Bless America


and the show is over.

Some more of the ribbon stalactites


On the way out to "the above".