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Lincoln's Home in Springfield, IL
The Lincoln National Historic Site in Springfield IL is based around the house Abraham Lincoln lived in prior to becoming President. The National Park Service has slowly taken over neighbouring houses

The Visitors Centre at the edge of the Historic Area. About 300,000 people/year

The Farewell Address Lincoln gave to Springfield after being elected

View as we approached the house

The road is being "sealed" with asphalt over top of the ground down bricks

The bricks were put in in 1920 and are not authentic to the 1850 period the site

is trying to recreate. So they are asphalting the road and will then cover it in

some gravel that will mimic the dirt road, but yet be clean and won't track

into the house.

Two different centuries on display here.

The front formal parlour

More of the parlour

the Library room.

The kid's downstairs play room - stereo viewer on the table.

The Dining Room.

upstairs bedroom

the Guest bedroom

A couple of polished sea shells

Lincoln's desk in the bedroom

Mary Todd Lincoln's bedroom

Another bedroom

The maid's room upstairs.

Back of the house.

The Presidential Outhouse

Front of the house

The Arnold house over the road - is restored, and displays building techniques

Similar view of house to that printed on admission ticket

From down the road