Trip to the Michigan Upper Peninsula
We took at trip to "the U P" on Memorial Weekend for Michael's graduation. Here's some of what we saw on the way there and back

On the approaches
Into it Now
Approaching the first tower
The low edge - less than a foot
Ready for Breakfast - from
Lisa looking out on Lake Superior
The view of Lake Superior she saw
The end of the road at Copper Harbour
The Camaro at the end of the road
Copper Harbour Lighthouse
Copper Harbour Lighthouse
Water fall at Copper Harbour
Panorama from above Copper Harbour
Above the Keweenaw Peninsula on Brockway
Looking northwest over Lake Superior
Signs and Map for "Copper Country"
Sign Closeup
Sign Close up
Family of Geese at Eagle Harbour
The Camaro and Lake Superior (again)
Lake Superior Sign
Lake Superior Map
Lake Superior Coastline
Lisa gazing "out to sea"
The Camaro and the Snow "Thermometer"
Snow Thermometer Sign
Cut River Bridge Sign
Side view of the Cut River Bridge
Walking over the Cut River Bridge
Looking across bridge to Lake Michigan
Trout Lillies
White Trillium
Trout Lilly and maple seedlings
Chippy on the lookout
Is the coast clear yet?
Trillium Forest
Wildflowers in the forest
Under the Bridge
Lisa gazing over Lake Michigan
"The Bridge" comes into view
We spent the 50 cents
Looking west over Lake Michigan
The way home - East
looking toward "The Bridge"
More than half of the bridge
Closer view - note the size of the semi
Lisa and the Bridge
Roger and the Bridge