Scott visits Grand Rapids - 27 July 2003
Young Jedi Scott came to Grand Rapids for a visit. We went to the Gerald R Ford Museum, and Meijer Gardens

Lisa signing "Happy 90th Mr President"
What we wrote in the book
Scott & the Declaration of Independence
Lisa and "The Horse" - she's grown some
Scott and "The Horse"
Lisa, Scott and "Mamam the Spider"
Scott really is scared of spiders!!!!!
An Ant's eye view
Lisa looking at the Ant
Waterfall Gardens
Curious Fish
Birds Eggs sculpture
Lisa through the Sculpture Hole
Swans taking wing
Helen the Pig
Two of Mary's little ones
American Gothic???
Lena Meijer House recreation
View through the woodland shade garden
View through the garden to "The Horse"
Sugar Maple
The Fox
For Betz
Three Sisters
The Wolf
Lisa and Scott eyeing up the geese
Orchid Wall
Orchid of the Week
Orchid Wall
A strange flower
Carnivorous Pitcher Plant