Porch Party 2003
Despite Hurricane Fizzabel the porch party went ahead. Mary Lee's power was off on Friday, so we dined by candlelight


Preparations underway by flashlight
Ellie, Steve, Linda and Chip
Shadows in the kitchen
The Corner Table by candlelight
The Corner Table
Steve, Anne and Ellie
A dim camera flash
Linda and her Cheesecake
Linda, Chip and Minor
Anne, Steve and Ellie
Steve, Anne, Ellie and Mary Lee
Lisa looking out on our hotel "balcony"
Fire Sprinkler and sign over our bed
Wider View
Karyn Rolls in - SURPRISE!!!!!!
Anne and Steve Arrive - SURPRISE!!
The Spread
Linda giving the "don't take that" look
Ellie and Anne
The Shrimp Tree
Lisa and Molly