Jacob and Goldie - their Big Days
February 21 2004. Colonial Lanes, Ann Arbor, MI


The excuse is that it's Jacob Flanigan's Birthday
Bailey and Grandma.
Roger showing his form.
Lisa's turn now
Goldie and Lisa eating pizza.
A picture of a non-butt.
Björn and Goldie.
Roger and Bailey.
Bailey doing "the teapot" - willing the ball down the lane.
All Right - it's a strike!!
Look at me.
Björn and Brenden.
Brenden averts his eyes.
Jacob picking on Lisa.
Down she goes.
Lisa in defensive mode.
Attack from the rear.
Pick on someone your own size!!
Getting the cake ready.
Look at this Jakey.
Smile before we cut it into chunks.
What do these letters spell?
A gappy smile
The sugar buzz hasn't kicked in yet.
OOOH - Legos!!!
Where's my cake???
This space left blank.
Does it fit?
Apparently it does :-)
Mother averts her eyes
Look Aunty!!
All that glitters is not gold.