Apr 292010

The trees are in full bloom at the moment, so I’ve taken a few pictures of some of them to share here.

Weeping Crab Apple Tree

This tree given to me in August of 2004 at the death of my Mum has amazing blooms this year. Thank You Friends!!!!!

A photo gallery of some pictures is below (click the first (or any) image to open a larger version in a slide show) Continue reading »

May 182009

Lilac trees are supposed to be purple, or “lilac”, and indeed we have a number of such plants in our yard.

View from the South

View from the South

This view is looking north across much of the property toward the house – the trees in the row are Eastern Redbud, a lilac, and a flowering Dogwood tree. The road is visible way in the distance on the left – about 180 yards away. Continue reading »

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