Mar 192010

So we’ve now completed the 3rd week of the NBC series Who Do You Think You Are – based on the remarkably popular BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) series of the same name that has been running for some years now.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker – a good story, but too many “un-be-liev-able”s for me. It apparently set the pattern for the series – a 2 min 30 second introduction of what the series is about. Each segment ends with a “what’s coming up after the break” and then the next segment starts with “here’s what we did before the break”. But great that she did find out she has ancestry back to the earliest history of the colonisation of North America with the Salem Witch trials.
  2. Emmit Smith – a great story – same criticisms as Episode 1, but it seemed a more compelling story as Emmit followed his ancestry across the “slave owning and trading South” to Africa. This was of interest to me as I have worked on the genealogy of a friend whose ancestors were born in slavery in Mississippi and North Carolina. This chart shows her ancestry. The people in the 4 light yellow boxes were all born in slavery.
  3. Lisa Kudrow – also a great story of travel and discovery. Although this only covered part of the 20th century as she travelled back to the village of Ilya in the Belarus to uncover what happened to her great grandmother and to Gdynia in Poland to meet a cousin who had bought news of the family’s terrible fate at the hands of the Nazis to New York not long after World War 2 ended.

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