Aug 052009

This is a photo gallery of some pictures taken during today’s “Hands Around the Library” Rally at the Michigan state Capitol, and the Michigan Library and Historical Center.

The count of 494 in the circle didn’t include everyone who was there, so it’s safe to say a crowd in excess of 500 was there to show their thoughts on Governor Granholm’s Executive Order which would see the Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries dismantled, and its components scattered hither and thither.

Thanks to Kyle and Zoe (my 1st cousins once removed-in-law) for being the banner bearers for much of the day.

Added 7 August 2009 – “borrowed” from Cindi Shearer who posted it as her facebook status, and first coined by writer Anne Herbert

“Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.”

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    […] things still aren’t looking good and it seems that all of least year’s efforts – Hands Around the Library and MLA Rally at the Library not to mention all the letters, lobbying by individuals that went on […]


    […] building. To that end Roger attended 2 rallies at the Library of Michigan – the first one, “Hands Around the Library” he took Kyle and Zoe with him as part of the Western Michigan Genealogical Society contingent […]


    […] coming, or else they got a large surprise when a crowd that was about the same size as the “Hands Around the Library” event a month […]


    […] Roger Moffat also took lots of pictures at the event and posted them on his blog, Roger’s Ramblings. Click here to see the photos. […]


    Thanks Pam – I knew I should know who he (Richard Doherty) was – he has spoken at Western Michigan Genealogical Society meeting(s) in the past.


    Wonderful website – I so enjoyed seeing the pictures. Because of health problems I was unable to participate, but I have written many letters – I am praying hard that this does not pass and it remains open for all of us to use – forever! What a wonderful place it is, and we should feel so thankful we can research there and find so much on our wonderful ancestors!
    Thank you for all the work you too have put into this!!!


    The fellow in the red shirt in image 11 is Richard M. Doherty of Troy. Past president of OCGS and DSGR and Irish research expert.

    Thanks for taking these great images. My camera was in the car!


    May I get permission to use your photos in a college publication?




    Appreciate the pictures! For those of us unable to physically be there, we applaud you and all participants for representing us! One person can and does make a difference as we all know from our family trees! Thank you indeed!


    Thank you for the great coverage of an historic event that showed our passion for the Library of Michigan and keeping its 180 year collection intact and available.


    It was so nice to meet you this morning. What a great recap of the day and the efforts. Thanks for caring and sharing, Roger!


    Thank you so so much!


    Great job everyone. I wish I could have been there, but I had to work. I hope it has the positive affect of keeping the collection together at this location.


    Thanks Cousin Librarian – yes it was a GREAT day for this – hot in the sun even – but much better than trying to do this in the middle of February would have been 🙂


    What a glorious-looking day for handing round a library! Look forward to the next up date 🙂


    Outstanding job Roger! Thank you!

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