Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand


City : Latitude: -43.532054400, Longitude: 172.636225400


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   Last, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benfell, Tania Evelyn  2 October 1981Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14221
2 van Tongeren, Justin Richard  29 May 1979Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I12964
3 Williams, Lynne Frances  20 April 1960Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I1449
4 Wright, Kenneth Wayne  31 December 1948Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14545
5 Wootton, Muriel Anne  10 May 1947Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I874
6 Allen, Alison Fairgrieve  27 September 1922Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I15226
7 Armstrong, Edna Doreen  23 September 1921Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14547
8 Wells, Maurice Jamison  1919Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I10026
9 Wells, Russell Hunter  1917Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I10024
10 McHarrie, Aileen Margarete  21 July 1913Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14596
11 Petrie, George Alexander Ronald “Ron”  1912Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I10228
12 Odgers, Alexander Tyrrell  11 May 1902Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11167
13 Fitzsimons, Frank Baden  11 April 1900Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I13463
14 Thomas, Reginald William  25 February 1900Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14543
15 Maxwell, Rita Jean  20 September 1899Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11393
16 Maxwell, Douglas  13 June 1898Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11392
17 Maxwell, James  about 1896Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11391
18 Maxwell, Vera  19 January 1895Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11390
19 Maxwell, Dorothy  November 1893Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11389
20 Maxwell, Gladys  10 August 1892Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11388


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   Last, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Moffat, Duncan Ernest  15 January 2022Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I2
2 Kinraid, Jackson Moffat  4 May 2011Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I671
3 Purnell, Elizabeth Louise  9 January 2009Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I1986
4 Dewar, John Robert  22 June 2008Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I5187
5 McFeeters, Barbara Ellen  26 October 2006Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I713
6 Smith, John David  10 February 2004Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I4864
7 Houliston, Muriel Faye  March 2003Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I4631
8 Cations, Leigh Alexander  March 2003Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I4766
9 Wilson, Ethelwyn May  17 October 2002Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I1852
10 Lineham, Alfred James  9 October 2002Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I1736
11 Moffat, Nancy Bernice  4 September 1996Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I720
12 Boddington, Robert Burns  19 July 1996Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I5049
13 Britten, John Kenton  5 September 1995Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14838
14 Lineham, Kenneth George  16 May 1995Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I1739
15 Fahey, Ivy Evelyn  28 July 1992Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I2973
16 Donnelley, Ethel Janet  23 June 1992Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14491
17 Tizzard, Nellie  21 August 1990Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I1863
18 Cosgrove, John William  18 January 1989Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I3992
19 McNabb, Agnes Elsa  2 August 1988Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14458
20 Thomas, Reginald William  28 June 1988Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14543
21 Floyd, Pauline  24 May 1988Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I5075
22 Wright, Ivan Kenneth  25 June 1984Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14544
23 McNabb, Mary Vera  11 June 1984Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14460
24 McCrystall, Anthony Mark  2 April 1984Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14556
25 Murray, Robert Joseph “Joe”  15 August 1983Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I7065
26 Bowden, Bertha May  22 May 1982Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11168
27 George, Percy William Laurie  24 January 1982Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I3125
28 Benfell, Tania Evelyn  6 October 1981Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14221
29 McNabb, Albert John  19 March 1981Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14461
30 Houliston, Margaret Jane  29 April 1976Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I4608
31 Porter, Molyneaux Malcolm  5 November 1975Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I2946
32 Todd, Hugh Robert Morley  21 July 1975Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11339
33 Johnson, Clive George  9 February 1975Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I1800
34 Todd, Elsie Mira  2 September 1973Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11336
35 McNabb, Robert Francis Ross  14 November 1972Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I2511
36 Johnson, Joyce La Bruyere  11 November 1972Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I2197
37 Todd, Annie Dutton  5 October 1970Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11331
38 Moffat, Alexander Burns  15 June 1970Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I577
39 Cassidy, Frederick Llewellan  16 June 1969Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11460
40 Maxwell, Rita Jean  22 July 1966Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11393
41 Todd, David Thomas  November 1962Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11335
42 Davies, Elisabeth  17 March 1962Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11172
43 Enright, Theresa Margaret  10 March 1959Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11131
44 Maxwell, Alfred Charles  18 July 1955Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11387
45 Prisk, Sophia  27 January 1955Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11170
46 McNabb, Francis  7 December 1951Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14432
47 de Garnham, Daphne Selwyn "Jean"  19 October 1951Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I4765
48 Cosgrove, James Alexander  12 April 1949Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I7043
49 Muirhead, Marion  16 August 1943Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I10149
50 Sullivan, Margaret  1942Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I17954

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   Last, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Lineham, Kenneth George  19 May 1995Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I1739
2 Tizzard, Nellie  23 August 1990Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I1863
3 Cosgrove, John William  20 January 1989Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I3992
4 Enright, Daniel  after October 1928Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11125
5 Moran, Mary  1923Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11126
6 McNabb, Albert John  Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14461
7 McCrystall, Anthony Mark  Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14556
8 Cosgrove, Ann  Yes - date unknownChristchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I11117


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   Last, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Scarlett, Ronald Jack  Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I2144
2 McNabb, Robert Leslie “Les”  Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand I14454


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   Family/Spouse    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Moffat / Lineham  25 July 1953Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F2
2 Lineham / Tizzard  18 July 1953Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F448
3 Moffat / Fotheringham  9 August 1952Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F169
4 Lineham / Wilson  31 July 1948Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F445
5 Grant / Robertson  7 February 1945Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F3315
6 Thomas / McNabb  7 September 1941Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F10650
7 Cassidy / Robertson  11 May 1938Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F3306
8 Nolan / Todd  about 1938Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F3274
9 Deavoll / Robertson  18 July 1936Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F3308
10 O'Reilly / Todd  23 April 1933Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F3269
11 Odgers / Bowden  10 December 1927Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F3205
12 Watson / Todd  8 June 1927Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F3263
13 Langley / McKay  22 May 1905Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F1719
14 Wright / McNabb  Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F10651
15 Todd / Campbell  Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F3266
16 Boddington / Floyd  Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand F1613

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