Otago, New Zealand


State/Province : Latitude: -44.8280041, Longitude: 169.63452529999995


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   Last, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bilsborough, Paul Maurice  1979Otago, New Zealand I10724
2 Fairbairn, Dulcie Lena Evelyn  about 1925Otago, New Zealand I3791
3 Fairbairn, Leslie Arthur  about 1922Otago, New Zealand I3790
4 [--?--], Ruby Aurora  about 1920Otago, New Zealand I10032
5 Hawkes, Doris  February 1918Otago, New Zealand I10921
6 Coutts, William Francis  1 December 1917Otago, New Zealand I3780
7 Fairbairn, Robert Maurice  1917Otago, New Zealand I3788
8 Campbell, Trevor Colin  about 1917Otago, New Zealand I10031
9 Marshall, Allan Gilbert  about 1915Otago, New Zealand I2995
10 Fairbairn, Jane Houliston  1915Otago, New Zealand I3787
11 Alexander, Dorothy  about 1915Otago, New Zealand I10311
12 Coutts, John Robert  28 June 1914Otago, New Zealand I3779
13 Marshall, Jean McPhee  1914Otago, New Zealand I4606
14 Milne, Allan  about 1913Otago, New Zealand I10306
15 Marshall, Alexander William  about 1913Otago, New Zealand I2994
16 Fitzgerald, Anne Mary or Clare  15 October 1911Otago, New Zealand I11026
17 Marshall, Elvie Alison  about 1911Otago, New Zealand I2993
18 Marshall, Florence Catherine  about 1909Otago, New Zealand I2992
19 Alexander, Rebecca  about 1908Otago, New Zealand I10309
20 Marshall, Islay Mckay  about 1906Otago, New Zealand I2991
21 Murray, Margaret  about 1905Otago, New Zealand I2964
22 Marshall, Iona Mackrie  1904Otago, New Zealand I4605
23 Fairbairn, Doris  27 December 1903Otago, New Zealand I3753
24 Marshall, Ian Lawrie  1902Otago, New Zealand I4604
25 Lawson, Ernest Bruce  1902Otago, New Zealand I3747
26 Cosgrove, Jane  about 1902Otago, New Zealand I11118
27 Frame, Edith Hazel  1898Otago, New Zealand I10421
28 Murray, Allan  about 1896Otago, New Zealand I2965
29 Lawson, Ivy Jane  1894Otago, New Zealand I3744
30 Lawson, Robert George  1890Otago, New Zealand I3743
31 Lawson, Frederick  1884Otago, New Zealand I3741
32 Buchanan, Ettie  about 1884Otago, New Zealand I2686
33 Lawson, Catherine Ivy  Otago, New Zealand I3833
34 Fairbairn, Margaret Maud  Otago, New Zealand I3782


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Barker, Catherine Annie  August 1993Otago, New Zealand I3841
2 Marshall, Claude Mckenzie  10 December 1989Otago, New Zealand I10202
3 Merrilees, Allan  21 September 1982Otago, New Zealand I3801
4 McDonald, Sarah Helen Nellie  1974Otago, New Zealand I10502
5 Lawson, Georgina  14 September 1972Otago, New Zealand I3742
6 Bowie, Emma Jane Milne  5 August 1968Otago, New Zealand I10840
7 Murray, Margaret Jane Martin "Maggie"  7 March 1967Otago, New Zealand I7061
8 Roseveare, Myrtle Irene  1 October 1963Otago, New Zealand I10560
9 Fairbairn, Ellen Houliston  9 August 1962Otago, New Zealand I3732
10 Horne, William George David  5 January 1961Otago, New Zealand I4020
11 Fairbairn, Barbara  28 November 1959Otago, New Zealand I3735
12 Lawson, Frederick  16 January 1959Otago, New Zealand I3741
13 Liddell, James  13 June 1958Otago, New Zealand I3884
14 [--?--], Gertrude  before 26 March 1958Otago, New Zealand I8594
15 Adam, William Thomson  15 August 1957Otago, New Zealand I3820
16 Milne, Allan  1957Otago, New Zealand I10306
17 Cosgrove, Timothy  15 November 1955Otago, New Zealand I7050
18 McDonald, Elizabeth Jane Middleton  25 October 1952Otago, New Zealand I10505
19 Bowie, John Edwin  12 April 1952Otago, New Zealand I10839
20 Fairbairn, Catherine  12 August 1951Otago, New Zealand I3727
21 Douglas, James Henry  29 March 1951Otago, New Zealand I10559
22 Higgie, Ellen  8 September 1950Otago, New Zealand I3765
23 Cameron, Jane Elizabeth  17 June 1950Otago, New Zealand I12021
24 Adams, Jane or Jean  23 March 1949Otago, New Zealand I10333
25 Rutherford, Albert Outram  1 August 1945Otago, New Zealand I10507
26 Bowie, John  20 July 1945Otago, New Zealand I10071
27 Adams, Henry George  before 22 July 1942Otago, New Zealand I9492
28 Fallowfield, Lena  12 February 1940Otago, New Zealand I3783
29 Fairbairn, Robert Houliston  30 May 1936Otago, New Zealand I3729
30 McKay, Alison Wright  24 July 1935Otago, New Zealand I2914
31 Mortimer, William  12 January 1935Otago, New Zealand I10256
32 Milne, Francis Middleton  9 January 1933Otago, New Zealand I7073
33 Moffat, Ruby Alexandra  29 August 1932Otago, New Zealand I556
34 Gibbs, Jessie  29 May 1927Otago, New Zealand I11579
35 McKay, Gilbert  17 October 1922Otago, New Zealand I2911
36 Morgan, Charles  23 August 1921Otago, New Zealand I10523
37 Gillanders, Mary  7 February 1919Otago, New Zealand I11575
38 Caldwell, Thomas  24 August 1913Otago, New Zealand I7395
39 Jackson, Mary  1904Otago, New Zealand I10491
40 Fairbairn, James  23 September 1887Otago, New Zealand I7406
41 McDonald, Thomas  9 October 1875Otago, New Zealand I7323
42 Russell, Hugh  Otago, New Zealand I7379
43 Merrilees, John  Yes - date unknownOtago, New Zealand I3805
44 Houliston, Sarah Alice  Yes - date unknownOtago, New Zealand I4733


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   Last, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Russell, Hugh  after 25 December 1882Otago, New Zealand I7379

Alternate Birth

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last, Given Name(s)    Alternate Birth    Person ID 
1 Fairbairn, Doris  1904Otago, New Zealand I3753
2 Marshall, Jean McPhee  about 1903Otago, New Zealand I4606
3 Marshall, Ian Lawrie  about 1899Otago, New Zealand I4604
4 Marshall, Adam Houliston  about 1899Otago, New Zealand I4603


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   Last, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Dewar, John  1862Otago, New Zealand I10


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family/Spouse    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Milne / McKnight  3 August 1957Otago, New Zealand F1304
2 Horne / Adam  16 October 1935Otago, New Zealand F1312
3 Milne / Marshall  3 October 1935Otago, New Zealand F1305
4 Enright / McDougall  16 July 1919Otago, New Zealand F3202
5 Cotter / Leslie  1919Otago, New Zealand F3224
6 Inder / Leslie  29 December 1915Otago, New Zealand F3228
7 Wells / Burnard  1912Otago, New Zealand F2778
8 Adam / Lawson  1911Otago, New Zealand F1260
9 Milne / Pearson  about 1910Otago, New Zealand F2885
10 Cosgrove / Murray  18 June 1909Otago, New Zealand F984
11 Rutherford / McDonald  10 February 1909Otago, New Zealand F2986
12 Horne / Adamson  1909Otago, New Zealand F2739
13 MacKay / Milne  29 March 1876Otago, New Zealand F2973

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