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Wisconsin 2006

The first weekend of May 2006 we headed to Wisconsin for the second Dinner Club Reunion. (The first one in 2004 can be seen here). Don and Mindy, and Roger and Lisa met up in Holland and had a two Camaro convoy around through Chicago to Swissconsin. We had lunch and waited there for Rob and Geneann to catchup, then continued on to Tom and Ruth's place a bit west of Milwaukee.

Friday night we went to Seigo's Japanese Steakhouse with Tom and Ruth, and one couple from the Wisconsin Branch of Dinner Club - George and Jo with whom Lisa and I stayed.

Saturday Lisa and I spent the day at Milwaukee Zoo.

Saturday night we went to Barstool Central for Dinner with 3 couples from Michigan, Steve and Jane from Maine, Tom and Ruth our Hosts from Wisconsin, and the 3 other couples from the Wisconsin Branch of Dinner Club.

A great Time!!!

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The Trip to Wisconsin
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Friday Night - Seigo's Steakhouse
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Milwaukee Zoo - still coming
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Dinner at Barstool Central

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