Oct 132006

13 October 2006 – well a surprise from “Cousin Anne” in Australia today – a death entry for George Moffat, son of John Moffat and Jean Bogue – only trouble is he’s not “our” George Moffat. So my line of Moffats as currently known ends at George Moffat who died in 1844.

9 October 2006 – The Adam Houleston mentioned lower down this page has shown up in later records, still in Yorkshire, now called Houlston, so scratch any idea that he might have packed up his swag and moved to Roxburghshire.

5 June 2006 – updates have continued to be posted – far more than I write about here usually.

There are many new Vital Records online now – copies of births, deaths and marriages from

Main new discovery has been another child of George Moffat and Isabella ClarkIsabella Moffat, born about 1823 who married a James Garland. I found her when trying to find out who the 15 year old Isabella living with Agnes Moffat and Richard Glass (ancestors of Sandy Bain) in the 1841 Census was. It turns out to be Agnes’ sister. Isabella’s death certificate names her parents as George Moffat and Isabella Clark. Her birth record remains unfound.

Also have another so far unrelated family of Moffats linked up now – found while looking for someone else. George Moffat and Janet Spratt/Sprott had 11 children, and I have a few generations of descendants of one of their offspring – John Moffat, put together from the Old Parish Registers and Statutory Records.

And finally found an Adam Houleston, born in Yorkshire whose name and birthdate fit with what little is known about the father of “our” Robert Houliston who emigrated to New Zealand in 1860. Nothing to indicate that he’s “our” Adam Houliston, except that he’s apparently not in Yorkshire after his birth.

1 January 2006

Happy New Year

11 November 2005 – quite a large update today that includes many hundreds of relatives with a Karamea connection. This came from my 3rd cousin Tom Fitzsimons who shared with me his much more comprehensive database of the Scarletts, Linehams and Johnsons who started their New Zealand lives in Karamea. Thank You Tom!!

27 February 2005 – Winter here in the northern hemisphere is winding down somewhat, and much of it’s been spent sorting out the papers that have accumulated over a number of years of “gathering”, and adding their contents to this site – especially in Histories and Documents. Unfortunately there’s still a long way to go just to get caught up.

My thanks to those who continue to send me information for inclusion here – it is appreciated. To see the people modified in the last 60 days click here. To see what’s new in the last 7 days see What’s New above.

13 September 2004 – During a trip to New Zealand in August I have acquired more olde photos of different family members – some as original photos, some scanned from photos and some taken as digital pictures from photographs. These will appear on this site “eventually”. Hopefully during the Winter (the northern hemisphere Winter) I’ll get this caught up.

12 September 2004 – In July Lisa and I went to Salt Lake City, and spent 2 1/2 days at the huge genealogy library there staring at microfilms and looking up indexes. I don’t have any really “new” information, but do have copies of many of the entries in the Old Parish Registers for the births of ancestors and their children to confirm and clarify various confusions. These too will appear online “eventually.

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May 082006

On 5 May we set out in convoy with Don and Mindy to drive to Wisconsin – a little west of Milwaukee – for the second Dinner Club Reunion. This was hosted by Tom and Ruth who had left Grand Rapids and moved to Wisconsin, which created the opportunity for us to join Dinner Club. Rob and Geneann followed a little later in the day, while Steve and Jane flew in from Bar Harbor, Maine, and we all arrived at Tom and Ruth’s place.

Dinner Friday night was at Seigo’s Steakhouse, then we spent Saturday at the Milwaukee Zoo, followed by Dinner Club Saturday night at Barstool Central with the Wisconsin Dinner Club, hosted by Tom and Ruth. Sunday was the long drive home again.

A set of pages with pictures of our trip can be found here.