Apr 252016

A small update to my genealogy database today – ANZAC Day 2016 – 102 years since the start of World War 1 – “The Great War”.

First, my cousin Andrew Moffat, who has our grandfather’s medals from World War 1 sent me decent photographs of them a few weeks ago. I have now got them linked up to Grandad’s page in the genealogy database.
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Second, a post on Facebook shared that a second cousin once removed – Flight Lieutenant Robert Leslie Scarlett RNZAF – was featured on the Facebook page “Air Force Museum of New Zealand” as one of their remembrance stories for ANZAC Day 2016. Robert was taking part in air operations on the island of Bougainville in the Solomon Islands in December 1944 when his plane crashed, killing the pilot and navigator instantly, and injuring the 3 others on board. Robert Scarlett was the radio operator. He, and the two injured gunners were rescued by Australian troops but Robert and one of the gunners died on the way down the mountain. Robert is buried at the Bourail New Zealand War Cemetery in New Caledonia. A search of their records revealed that Robert is buried in the same plot as his first cousin Warrant Officer Theo Raymond Scarlett RNZAF who was killed in action in Rabaul, New Guinea in June 1944.

Aug 112010

This quilt was made for Aunt Jean’s 70th birthday. It was a collaborative effort.

  • Design by Lisa
  • Some photo scanning by Roger
  • Some photo scanning by Carol
  • Photo work by Roger
  • Printing them on fabric by Roger
  • Putting the front panel all together by Lisa
  • Putting the back on it by Aunt Bev
Jean's Birthday Quilt

Jean's Birthday Quilt

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May 312010

On our way to Bar Harbor, Maine, we stopped in Rochester, New York, to visit my cousin Martin Lineham and his family.

Rochester is about 9 hours drive – 560 miles (900 km)-  from Grand Rapids when travelling via Cleveland, so we left a bit after 0830 and got to Rochester about 1730 (5:30 PM). We had a very enjoyable evening with Martin, his wife Nancy and their daughter Grace, and Nancy’s Mum Mary. Roger grilled chicken, hot dogs and shrimps, then we looked over a bunch of family photos, showed Grace some of her genealogy, and eventually to bed. Monday morning more of the same, then down to check out Martin and Nancy’s offices, then the drive to Hartford, Connecticut this (Memorial Day Monday) afternoon – 336 miles (540 km).

Sunday Dinner Appetisers

Out in the Cooper-Lineham back yard for pre-dinner appetisers while Roger cooked dinner on the Grill. Mary Cooper, Lisa Christensen, Nancy Cooper, Grace Lineham, Martin Lineham, Roger Moffat

More pictures below…

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Feb 242010

12 February 2010 was the West Michigan Swim League “A” Meet for 11 and over, held at Byron Center High School on the Friday evening. Kyle was in a relay and 2 individual races. He came second in both his races, beating his personal best both times.

The YouTube videos are below.

Kyle 50 Yards Butterfly. Kyle in Lane 5 (4th from the bottom) finishes a close second in a personal best time of 29.04 seconds

Kyle 100 Yards Freestyle. Kyle in Lane 5 gets a slow start, but fights hard to catch up and finishes second, taking nearly 5 seconds off his time, AND the first time under 1 minute for this event. Pay Up Dad!!!!!

And here’s half of the cheering gallery – my arm wasn’t long enough to hold the camera far enough away to include me, and Bev and George who were seated to my right.

Lisa, Kurt and Ann

Part of Kyle's Fan Club - Lisa, Kurt and Ann

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Jan 232010

23 January 2010 was another Age Group Swim Meet for Kyle and Zoe. This time it was at Rockford, Michigan. Kyle and Zoe both swam. The YouTube videos are below.

Zoe 50 Yards Backstroke. Zoe, 3rd from bottom in Lane 4 (the gap in the video is Uncle Roger pressing the wrong button on the camera at the wrong time). Zoe wins her Heat in 47.09 seconds.

Kyle 50 Yards Butterfly. Kyle is in Lane 4, diving in over the orange cap of the swimmer from the previous race. Kyle wins this heat in 30.94 seconds – not quite up to his 30.18 from 2 weeks ago – a better turn would have helped.

Zoe 50 Yards Breaststroke. Zoe is in Lane 2 at the bottom of the picture. She won this heat, but less time looking across the pool would have given her a bit faster time :-). 1:01.82 – hey it’s still waaaaaay better than I could even think of doing!!!!

Kyle 50 Yards Backstroke. Kyle is at the bottom in Lane 2 – a great start and then an easy swim sees Kyle winning this Heat in a good time of 35.11 seconds- more than 5 seconds ahead of anyone else.

Great Job Kids!!!!!!!!! See you next weekend 🙂

Jan 092010

Saturday 9 January was the Quad Swim Meet for Byron Center, Zeeland, Rockford and a team called “Heat”, although I don’t remember what school they were. This is part of the West Michigan Swim League.

Zoe wasn’t swimming today – she was a Church Camp, but Kyle competed in a Relay and 2 Individual events.

50 Yards Butterfly…

Kyle finished a close second in this one.

100 Yards Freestyle

Kyle won this race very easily, but his time was second overall – the winner of the first race was 7 seconds faster.

A couple of other shots here, including an “action” diving shot.

Dec 222009

This one took a LOT of work. Not helped by a very inopportune Photoshop crash 🙁

Another Olde Photo

Before and After of Olde Photo

A lot of work with Adobe Photoshop CS4 to get the left version to the right version – all from an original that is 3 ¼ x 2 ½ inches.

Dec 162009

Here are a couple of before and after shots of some olde photos I’ve fixed up for a friend.

Young Pat Smith

Young Pat Smith

Young Pat Smith's Sister

Young Pat Smith's Sister

After scanning the photos it was lots of time with the tools available in Photoshop to Clone, Heal and Patch the damage. The second photo had been torn nearly through and then “fixed” with sellotape at some stage in the long ago past – what a mess!!! It kind of reminded me of watching the curators work on the Dead Sea Scrolls some years ago when we saw them at the Field Museum in Chicago – gently scraping away the decades olde tape that had been put on them.