Aug 192010

While watering the garden at the back of the house this morning something caught my eye…

The Milk Weed by the back porch

The Milk Weed by the back porch

In case it’s not obvious in this picture what I saw, here it is again…

The Milk Weed by the back porch

The Milk Weed by the back porch

And a much closer view reveals…



A gallery is below.

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Jul 212010

Since putting in the ponds nearly 2 years ago it has been a constant battle to keep the water clean. I’d only bought a cheap filter at Menards when first getting this set up, and it became apparent that we needed better to try and keep the water clean. Other measures were needed too, like more area covered by lilies or other vegetation. The water lilies we’d had from Menards were tired and not doing very well.

A couple of weeks ago we bought a new water lily, along with some water lily food, and some chemical to help clear the water. The new lily has done amazingly well, the chemical powder to clear the water was slowly working it seemed, and the olde tired water lilies were responding to being re-potted and actually fed for the first time. But it seemed like we still needed a better water filter. Hours spent searching, researching and reading online came up with the thought that we needed a Bio-Pressure-UV Filter – this has mechanical filtering, bio-filtering, and a UV light to kill algae.

Ebay turned one up for $72 plus shipping, and that arrived yesterday. So after much pondering on just where and how to put it, today was spent digging, organising, piping with bigger pipes than I’d used previously, and generally tidying up.

A couple of pictures show this in progress. There’s still more to tidy up before I take the “finished” pictures…

Work in Progress

A view showing the new filter (centre of picture), with the pipe coming up to the top of the spillway in its new trench. The garden to the right is to be a butterfly garden.

Work in Progress

Another view of the work in progress, with the mess laying around waiting tidying up.

Jul 072010

A few shots taken today in the garden this afternoon, and then this evening from the kitchen window. An update to the water garden, and then a visit from bambis

Yesterday Lisa and I went to Apols Landscaping and oohed and aahed at the amazing selection of water lilies and other aquatic plants they have in an amazing array of ponds, and came home with a water lily, a couple of other plants, some “stuff” to take care of the water with, pellets to feed water lilies with and just for a laugh 5 tadpoles.

So the 2 puny lilies I’ve had for a couple of years got repotted and fed and put into one pond, and the new water lily given a pond of its own, along with the tadpoles and assorted snails that were hangers on.

Yesterday's Purchase

The new waterlily purchased yesterday. It had 2 blooms yesterday - 3 today.

Then tonight after dinner Lisa looked out the window and a bambi was on the patio right outside the kitchen. By the time I’d got my camera, it had raced off to join its sibling across the lawn, and then Mum turned up.

10 Seconds Later

OK - we're done, and I'm out of here, now follow along...

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Jul 012010

When we moved here in 1998 there were a number of pine trees planted, including a couple “near” the driveway. At first there was about 4′ of grass between the tree and the driveway, but as time passed the tree became wider and wider and wider, to the point where a few years ago I had to cut a small flat on the side of it to keep it a bit clear of the driveway.

Now to today where the tree was now seriously impinging on the driveway. First step – cut what I could reach while standing on the ground.

Partway Done

Partway Done

I’ve cut it back about 4 feet from the edge of the driveway – the extent can be seen in the overhang over the tractor and trailer. Hopefully it will fill in a little bit, and next time it’s trimmed still be well back from the driveway. Once I’d cut all I could reach from the ground it was time to move the trailer in and  use that as a platform to reach higher.

Ever Higher

Now standing on a ladder on the trailer to reach even higher.

Once I’d cleared it as much as I could reach from the trailer, next level is to work from a ladder sitting on the trailer. (the blocks and jacks at the back of the trailer are holding it steady to stop it bouncing on the springs).


The End Result. Hopefully this will hold for a few years, and from now on be a bit easier to keep up with - all the thick branches are cut now.

The UPS driver will be much happier now that he doesn’t have to scrape the side of his truck through this, and then re-adjust the side mirror. A gallery of a few more images is below: Continue reading »

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Jun 282010

I looked out the kitchen window this morning and “spotted” this scene.

Bambi and Mum

You Just Know that she's saying to the young'un - come back here in a few months and there'll be tomatoes, pumpkins and all sorts of yummy things!!

another “bambi” was off to the left. They left before I could get another photo.

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May 212010

I spotted these two growths of a fungus on a couple of dead trees in our yard.

The first image below is 1 of 4 fungi that were growing around the base of this dead box elder tree.

Shelf Fungus

Just above ground level on the dead and slowly rotting remains of a multiple stemmed box elder tree that I cut down a few years ago.

These next 2 shots are the same growth on a different tree.

Double Decker

This double layered fungus is on the trunk of another dead tree in the hedgerow on the west side of our property.

Double Decker Again

Another view - see that the bottom one has caught and is holding water from a recent rain.

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Apr 292010

The trees are in full bloom at the moment, so I’ve taken a few pictures of some of them to share here.

Weeping Crab Apple Tree

This tree given to me in August of 2004 at the death of my Mum has amazing blooms this year. Thank You Friends!!!!!

A photo gallery of some pictures is below (click the first (or any) image to open a larger version in a slide show) Continue reading »