My genealogy websites use TNG – The Next Generation – and over the years I have come up with a few additions and modifications to enhance my sites. Some of these are available here.

The TNG-WordPress plugin, developed initially by Mark Barnes and for the last several years maintained by Roger Moffat and Darrin Lythgoe can be found here at the WordPress plugins repository.

If you like any of the files available here and they have helped you enhance your TNG site, please feel free to make a small donation.


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    I’ve installed your birthday, anniversary, and death list add ons. I would like to make the font size a little bit larger as well as move the title to the left (not centered) and put an underline under the title. Do you have any tips on how to do this?




      To change the font size you will need to either:

      1 – edit the TNG css files to change the size used by the class “smaller” – this will affect the use of type this size over the entire TNG site


      2 – look through the add-on files for the code that looks like this

      <span class=\"smaller\">

      and change the smaller to normal for example to change the size


      3 – change the smaller to some other unique word and then create a whole new css style for that class

      To align the title only to the left you’d have to change the instances of

      <div align=\"center\">


      <div align=\"left\">

      in the lines that are creating the header – they usually have the word “header” in them somewhere.

      Hope this Helps



    I notice that the Create sitemap MOD does not include some standard TNG pages as well as any of my custom pages.
    Is there a way to add a list of my own pages I want to be in the sitemap index?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    RE: Relationship to Site Owner Mod
    Sorry if I missed finding a solution posted elsewhere before writing but, I didn’t see one. I updated TNG from 9 to 10.1.1
    I ran your mod successfully on 9 for years. I removed the old version using mod manager.
    I installed the latest version. It is not working.

    1st issue, under the edit parameters tab I only get 3. Tree, Bots, & Number. Set ID is missing, all of it. I do not even get an empty cell. The default of I1 should work but, it is not.

    2nd issue, the “Files” pop-up says a file “relatedToSiteOwner.php” was to be created. I do not see that that happened.

    Thank you for your mod and your assistance. -Ken


    Hi Roger,
    Thanks for the Surnames Tag Cloud Mod. I downloaded it and, as expected, it works like a charm.
    Now on to TNG 10.1.1


    Thank you sir!!


    Roger, You indicated that the birthday, deaths and anniversary scripts were updated to work in 10.1 and to download them. However, when I go to the above links for each, all I see is the older versions 1.3, etc.


      Sorry – I thought I’d packaged them up and placed them there for download, but apparently not. Sorry for the confusion. But they’re there now.


    Hi Roger

    That I already did – and I’ve done it again to be sure. Still same problem



    Dear Roger

    I ran an earlier versoin of TNG and used createsitemap 0.6 withou problems.
    Now I’ve upgraded my TNG to 10.1 and I going to use your mod which is recommeded by TNG.
    I camn install the MOD withouproblems, but when I run it I get the following error msg:

    Warning: mysql_query(): Access denied for user ”@’′ (using password: NO) in /customers/a/2/f/ on line 345 Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in /customers/a/2/f/ on line 345 Cannot execute query: SELECT gedcom, personID, changedate FROM tng_people

    Do you have any idea that can help me. Thanks in advance

    Bo Sorensen


    Dear Roger

    I have installed your Last Import Date as per the instructions and everything works well.

    I was just wondering is it posible to change the colour of the text, and if so where would I change it.

    ‘Date of Last GEDCOM Import:
    20 Feb 2015
    3,943 individuals.’

    I look forward to your reply
    Gary Houseman


      There are a couple of ways you could achieve this – probably the best way would be to

      1 – change the class name that formats the text in the script

      2 – add that class to your mytngstyle.css file with its new definition.

      So, in the file lastimport.php, on lined 56 and 67, change the word


      to something else – e.g.


      Make sure that the ” before and after the word remain in place.

      In the mytngstyle.css file, add this

      /* to style the last import text */
      .lastimport {
      font-size: 12px;
      color: #CC0000;

      and change the hex code for color to whatever colour you want.

      You could also just edit the file directly to add an inline style to it, but using mytngstyle.css seems easier.



    Google Maps Add 4 places : good, but would have preferred Location to remain. Also one for Township/Village and another for District. The mod changed my site settings : e.g. my Towns (2) are now cemeteries !!

    I’m going to have to uninstall it, but would re-install if I had more control (and it didn’t change existing TNG pins)


    I’m looking at your TNG Last Updated Mod. Is this a Mod I can install by using the Mod Manager within TNG 10.0.2?



      No, it’s not a Mod Manager type file – the reason is that it’s designed to put a line or two of information on to a page in a position you choose to put it. When you download the file linked here, you get the lastimport.php file and a “Read Last Import.txt” file – this contains some notes on how to use it.

      Usually you would put it somewhere on your index.php file.


    Roger – I like the mod, but in TNG v 10.0.3

    Find First Names = ok

    Find First & Middle Names = ok

    Find Middle Names =
    Not Found

    The requested URL /firstnames-extra.php was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    I tried to use your mod gmaps_add_4_placelevels_v9.0.0.1 on me install of TNG v10.0.3
    I transfer the file and its supporting folder to my mod folder
    In the Mod Manager the right column associated with the mod is pink and states that it cannot be installed
    I removed every one of the other mods and still got the same notice.
    I have a screen shot of the error but don’t know how to upload to you.
    Could you respond via regular email and I will sent the screen shot.
    I believe I had the mod working before upgrading TNG



    Hi – I’m trying to install reCAPTCHA on our TNG site. Roger’s instructions say to go to

    but this doesn’t seem to work anymore. The file I get after sigining in is:


    Am I missing something??


    where can i find the surnamesTagCloud
    Thanks in advance


    By the way, I’m running TNG v.9.2.2


    I allready uploaded the files to the right locations and changed permissions to 777 and 666, but I’m still receiving the same message.


    I’ve got the same issue. Installed the mod without any problems. Uploaded the tngsitemap1.xml to (various and) the right location(s), but when hitting the ‘export sitemap’ button I get this message:

    Writing file (final)…Cannot open /etc/apache2/htdocs/tngsitemap1.xml

    I think it’s trying to write to a wrong directory and it has something to do with the $htmlhost, but I don’t know how to fix that.

    Have you got any advise Roger?


      Does the file already exist? If not, you could try creating an empty text file with that name and at least 666 permissions and see if the script will run then to write the file.


    Hi Roger,

    I tried to download the create a google sitemap config file, but I receive a Error 404 page does not exist,

    Is the file still available for download??

    Kind regards,


      Sorry for the long delay here – I hadn’t received notification that there were any comments waiting…

      I think this should not be an issue now?


    Stumbled accross your problem with Snow Leopard and HP LaserJet 4MP. I am still using OSX.5.8

    My printer refuses to talk to my MacBook pro and my iMac. I have tried to find the driver on HPs

    web site without any luck. Can you help out. Like you I have several unused cartidges.

    Kind regards. Len F L


      Sorry for the long delay replying here – hadn’t got notification from the blog that there were any comments waiting…

      The driver is built in to Mac OS X – you should be able to find it in the Printers System Preferences – go to Add a Printer and then you can choose HP as the maker and search for 4MP as the model – it should find it.



    I’ve been using this mod for years with no problems. But suddenly:

    Writing media pages to the file…
    7000 |
    Writing file (final)…Cannot open /tngsitemap1.xml

    Do you have any suggestions for this issue?




    Ok, j’ai refait la manipulation et…………ça marche!!!!

    Merci encore



    Bonjour Roger,

    Je télécharge le dossier “create_sitemap_v9.0.0″.
    J’essaie de le décompresser soit sur mon disque local soir chez mon hébergeur.
    A chaque fois message d’erreur ” impossible: l’archive est endommagée ou son format est inconnu”

    que faire?

    une astuce???


    re: Site Map Mod – where is the robots.txt file? All I see is tngrobots.php in my root directory. Using tng v.9.2. Thanks.


      If the robots.txt file exists it will be in the root folder of the site. If it doesn’t exist then you would need to create it. Do a Google search for robots.txt to find out how to create and use one.


    Thanks 🙂 i found out.

    i added this line:



    Is you site set to show Living people to everyone? If so, then the script could be changed to show those people’s birthdays, but if your site is set to not show living people, then showing their birthdays requires more changes.


    On the birthdays it also shows people that are no longer living(dead). how can it show only living people’s birthdays?!


    Not to worry. I found it and have deleted so all looks good again.



    Hi Roger

    I’ve just downloaded your captcha mod and obtained the Google key but I have obviously misread the instructions as my Contact Us page now comes up as a blank. I’ve removed the recaptchalib.php file from the site from can’t find TNG_captcha.php. Can you advise on this please?




    The “mbtng path” change from above worked on both list_birthdays and list_deaths. However, when I put them both in the WordPress sidebar at the same time, the second one listed fails with this: Error: TNG is not communicating with your database. Please check your database settings and try again…

    I can change the order and it is always the one that comes second that fails.

    Any ideas?


      Instead of putting each list in a separate PHP Widget, just put however many you want into a single PHP Widget – so

      global $wp_tng_path, $link;
      $path = get_option('mbtng_path');
      chdir ($path);
      $wp_tng_path = get_option('mbtng_url');
      include ("userscripts/list_birthdays.php");
      mbtng_close_tng_table ();
      echo "<br />";
      include ("userscripts/list_anniversaries.php");
      mbtng_close_tng_table ();
      echo "<br />";
      include ("userscripts/list_deaths.php");
      mbtng_close_tng_table ();
      echo "<br/>";
      echo "<span class=\"normal\" align=\"center\">Surnames</span>";
      include ("userscripts/surnamesTagCloud.php");
      mbtng_close_tng_table ();

      Should do it. The mbtng_close_tng_table () is needed to get the WordPress database reselected for any further Widgets to access the correct database.


    Set Cemetery Page with all Cemeteries Open TNG 8.1.2 – Many thanks it worked great. Peter


    Reference 27 Apr 2011 – Set Cemetery Page with all Cemeteries Open TNG 8.1.2 – 67 downloads WIll this download work with TNG 9.10 Appreciate your help. Thanks Peter.


    OK – I think I’ve figured this out. The following “seems” to work in the body of the PHP Widget

    $path = get_option('mbtng_path');
    chdir ($path);
    include ("userscripts/list_birthdays.php");
    ?><br /><br >


    Actually it doesn’t quite work as it is – the links to the people are missing the Genealogy page part of the URL, but it should be easy enough to edit the list_birthdays.php file to include that in to the URL.



    i also tried uploading into: userscripts/ the 2 php files

    and i placed this script into wordpress widget php area:

    i got this error:

    Error: TNG is not communicating with your database. Please check your database settings and try again.



    Thanks! one question. will i have to place all the code that’s inside list_birthdays.php? or do i take only some parts? because nothing didnt appear once i placed all the php code that’s inside list_birthdays.php

    thanks 🙂


    I would like to know. is there a plugin/widget for the birthday list for wordpress (using TNG v9)

    thanks in advance!


      There is no WordPress Widget for these things, but you can maybe/probably put the php code of one of these add ons into a PHP Text Widget and get it working.

      I don’t have an example of such a thing on this site though. My Genealogy is a .php page coded up to include a number of these Add-Ons to pull data from the TNG database.



    I changed the cellpadding in your script to 10, which brings the numbers over inside the cell, so it doesn’t look bad in Chrome and Safari anymore, but I still wonder why the numbers show up in those two browsers, when in IE they are not present.

    Anyway, I am happy with the scripts because they give me useful info to display in space that wasn’t being used.




    I am using your scrips on my home page and I love them. I have noticed one problem with the “TNG Top 10 Surnames” script. When I view my home page in Interent Explorer, there is no problem. But if I look at my home page in Chrome or Safari, that particular script shows numbers in the margins before the surnames. I have looked at the code and cannot see where or how to turn those numbers off. Can you help?




    My website is set up where you have to log in to see any living person and their information. I am using your birthdays, anniversaries and deaths scripts and based on my settings, it does not show anything under any of those categories if the person is still living. Is it possible to list the person as “Living Smith” etc so that it shows that there is a birth, anniversary or death on that particular day, but in order to see the information, you have to log in. If that is possible, what code needs to be changed?


    Never mind about the underlining the text, I figured it out.


    Thanks Roger, that worked to bold the text. Is it possible to underline it?


    I have been trying to set the text in the Birthdays, Anniversaries and Deaths script to be bold and underlined and can’t figure out how/where to do that. I am referring to the text that says “Birthdays for whatever the date is”…and Anniversaries and Deaths. Your help will be appreciated. The scripts work fine otherwise.


      There are two instances of groups of lines like this

      		echo "<div align=\"center\"><span class=\"smaller\">" . $headingnobirthdaystoday . ".</span></div>\n";
      	} else {
      		echo "<div align=\"center\"><span class=\"smaller\">" . $heading . "</span></div>\n";

      Change them to

      		echo "<div align=\"center\"><span class=\"normal\"><strong>" . $headingnobirthdaystoday . ".</strong></span></div>\n";
      	} else {
      		echo "<div align=\"center\"><span class=\"normal\"><strong>" . $heading . "</strong></span></div>\n";

      should do it in each of the scripts.



    Thank you SO much! This would have been an issue for sure!


    Roger, thank you for your downloads and instructions. I’m using your lists on my home page, and I was even able to duplicate one of them for a burial list. I had been looking for a way to use the available space for content that was relevant and dynamic, and your lists provided exactly that!


    Sorry,,,using your birthday, anniversaries and deaths scripts. Should have mentioned that before. Using with TNG. I’m a complete newbie, no CSS knowledge whatsoever and was able to get this right my first time trying. Great instructions. Thanks again!


    Thanks so much…Works great!!!


    Random Photo is part of TNG now. The ones I have for random photo and random doucment are modified from that to do things like get a document rather than a photo, and to pop the preview up to the right instead of the left (or vice versa). I never have got around to tidying them up to a single way to install them as there are parts in the .css file apart from the actual randomphoto script and a new background for the preview that is reversed from what TNG provides.



    Where can I get the “Random Photo and Random Document” mod? Is that just the script form TNG template 6?



    Hi Roger

    I love your addons you have created. I have recently upgraded TNG to the newest version v9 and was wondering if your “birthday list, death list, anniversary list” will be working on the new version?




      As far as I know they work as is for TNG 9. I have got one of my sites upgraded, and plan on doing the others in the next few days – if I run into a problem that I don’t remember from upgrading previously I’ll update the files.



    hello , i know you use wordpress and TNG / WordPress integration for this site , can you send this plugin ?
    thank so much

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