Feb 232017

Many of the wiring connections on my 1926 Franklin are made with ring terminals as shown in these images. The wire is wrapped around the end of the terminal and then the “legs” folded over like an eyelet/rivet as used in clothing, shoes, etc. 

The insulation has broken off and shows the wire on the left, through the terminal and wrapped around the eyelet hole which is crimped over the wires.

Shows the legs lifted up enough to free the wire, and the wire partly unwound from the terminal.

Shows the terminal with wire removed. Legs partly folded up.

Franklin refers to them as Reference Number R-5813, Drawing Number 30×31, “Wire Terminal. Light friction type (3/16″ hole) Hand punch for attaching 30 x 31 terminals can be secured from United Shoe Machine Co., Boston, Mass.”

From Franklin Series 11A parts manual shows their description of these terminals, and that had I been around 90 years ago I could buy them for $0.01 each!

Several hours of searching online have failed to reveal anyone selling these in 2016 – 90 years later, but did turn up the patent applied for in 1923, granted in 1928 for the machine to put these terminals on the wire. See https://www.google.com/patents/US1677968

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    […] The terminals are “decoded” with the diagram at the end of this post that shows the type and dimensions of the various specified terminals. The most common type – “30 x 31” is mentioned in more detail in this posting. […]

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