Feb 242010

12 February 2010 was the West Michigan Swim League “A” Meet for 11 and over, held at Byron Center High School on the Friday evening. Kyle was in a relay and 2 individual races. He came second in both his races, beating his personal best both times.

The YouTube videos are below.

Kyle 50 Yards Butterfly. Kyle in Lane 5 (4th from the bottom) finishes a close second in a personal best time of 29.04 seconds

Kyle 100 Yards Freestyle. Kyle in Lane 5 gets a slow start, but fights hard to catch up and finishes second, taking nearly 5 seconds off his time, AND the first time under 1 minute for this event. Pay Up Dad!!!!!

And here’s half of the cheering gallery – my arm wasn’t long enough to hold the camera far enough away to include me, and Bev and George who were seated to my right.

Lisa, Kurt and Ann

Part of Kyle's Fan Club - Lisa, Kurt and Ann

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