Jul 072010

A few shots taken today in the garden this afternoon, and then this evening from the kitchen window. An update to the water garden, and then a visit from bambis

Yesterday Lisa and I went to Apols Landscaping and oohed and aahed at the amazing selection of water lilies and other aquatic plants they have in an amazing array of ponds, and came home with a water lily, a couple of other plants, some “stuff” to take care of the water with, pellets to feed water lilies with and just for a laugh 5 tadpoles.

So the 2 puny lilies I’ve had for a couple of years got repotted and fed and put into one pond, and the new water lily given a pond of its own, along with the tadpoles and assorted snails that were hangers on.

Yesterday's Purchase

The new waterlily purchased yesterday. It had 2 blooms yesterday - 3 today.

Then tonight after dinner Lisa looked out the window and a bambi was on the patio right outside the kitchen. By the time I’d got my camera, it had raced off to join its sibling across the lawn, and then Mum turned up.

10 Seconds Later

OK - we're done, and I'm out of here, now follow along...

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Jul 022009

It’s that time of year again it seems – young critturs are everywhere around the place. For a week or more we’ve been having the Downy Woodpeckers bringing their young to the suet feeder on the porch outside our lounge window to feed them suet and show them how this upside down thing works.

Downy Woodpeckers

Downy Woodpeckers

Tonight as I went out the front door to fill the bird feeders I caught a glimpse of some brown on the grass to the south of the house, and wondered what tree limb had fallen down, but quite quickly realised I was looking at two fawns sitting down on the grass.



I managed to walk out onto the lawn to get a better view before they really realised I was there. Continue reading »

Jun 202009

Tonight Lisa looks outside about 9 PM and notices a cute little deer baby out on the lawn. As I walk over to look I see another one – both very young, and “oh so cute” with their spots.

Two Bambis

Two Bambis

About a week ago I’d seen a single Bambi and Mum out in the wildflower “prairie” we have planted over the septic hill but it wasn’t the same as these ones which are even smaller. Continue reading »