Aug 022009

Saturday night Lisa and I headed out to Grand Haven to Bob and Bobbi’s place. Following a delightful tour through an amazing garden that they keep we ate dinner, then headed off to join the tens of thousands of other people down on the waterfront for the Musical Fountain and Fireworks display.

It was a very windy night, and a shower of rain had passed over as we waited too, but eventually shortly before 10:30 the Musical Fountain started up playing its traditional theme from “2001 – A Space Odyssey”, and then when that was done we were into the fireworks.

I started out taking photos, but this wasn’t so easy given how close to the action we were, so I was never quite sure just where the next “shot” would be, so I switched to movie mode on my Canon S2 IS camera and captured about 10 minutes of it on video.

A few of the pictures I took appear here, followed by a nearly 3 minute video of the final song – Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”.

Because of the strong winds, many of the fireworks drifted left to right even during the 2 seconds exposure the camera gave on “Fireworks” setting.

A photo gallery with more photos appears here.



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