Jun 142010

A few weeks ago I posted a couple of photos of the wrens who were getting ready to move into the Wren House hanging in a tree beside our garage.

Well they did move in, and while we were away, the produced at least 3 chicks. I took a few pictures of them being fed today – Yum!!!!!!

Two Hungry Mouths

Two gaping mouths sticking out through the hole looking for lunch

Who Gets What?

Trying to decide who gets the insect and who gets the caterpillar.

A photogallery is below…

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May 242010

Our neighbour gave me a wren house for Christmas 2 years ago. I hung it in a cherry tree right by our garage last spring and a wren moved in and we got wren babies.

Last Christmas the neighbours gave me another wren house which I hung on the porch, and this spring there is at least 1 pair of wrens singing up a song around the garage again. These 2 pictures are of one in the house in the cherry tree.

Just Peeking Out

Taken through the foliage of a cherry tree right by our garage. A very songful wren is sitting in the wren house peeking out at me.

Still Peeking Out

From a slightly different angle. No blurry branch in the way, but a couple of blurry leaves right in foreground.

Luckily the power of the 12x zoom on my Canon PowerShot S2 IS lets me get these photos from some distance away. They are the full frame of the image.

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Jul 022009

It’s that time of year again it seems – young critturs are everywhere around the place. For a week or more we’ve been having the Downy Woodpeckers bringing their young to the suet feeder on the porch outside our lounge window to feed them suet and show them how this upside down thing works.

Downy Woodpeckers

Downy Woodpeckers

Tonight as I went out the front door to fill the bird feeders I caught a glimpse of some brown on the grass to the south of the house, and wondered what tree limb had fallen down, but quite quickly realised I was looking at two fawns sitting down on the grass.



I managed to walk out onto the lawn to get a better view before they really realised I was there. Continue reading »