Aug 292010

Lisa noticed this on the outside of one of our UPSTAIRS!! windows this evening. The very cunning frog was hanging out (well was “sticking” out) on the window pane, ambushing bugs attracted to the light inside the window!!!

The Underside of a Gray Tree Frog

The Underside of a Gray Tree Frog

Excuse the apparently dirty window. (click any thumbnail to open a slideshow)

A photo gallery of some other shots from both inside and outside follows:

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  3 Responses to “The Climbing Frog”


    that is amazing! who knew a frog would stick to a window like that


    1 – no – I climbed out of an upstairs window onto the roof over the porch and took the pictures from there

    2 – see 1 re the ladder, and re the windows – it will rain sometime if we’re lucky 🙂


    Now I have two questions.
    1) Did you get on a ladder to get the outside shots?
    2) Will you be leaving the ladder up so you can wash the windows?

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